What is Orbit Program?


Air Astra launched the Orbit FFP program in 2024 to reward the frequent flyers. By joining the program, travelers can earn Orbit Miles (points) on their flights. These miles can be saved up and used to redeem for Free flights, priority services or other partners benefits, making their trips more enjoyable


What is Orbit Mile?


You earn Orbit Miles (also known as Reward Miles) based on the actual flying distance (nautical miles) of your Air Astra trip.


When will member receives a membership card?


New Orbit members get a physical membership card after achieving Orbit Eco status. But don't worry if you prefer digital - you can still enjoy all the program benefits with a digital membership card. Just share your FFP Number with us to get predefined benefits.


What do I do when the card lost or stolen?


If Lost & Stolen, Orbit members can simply reach out to their nearest Air Astra sales office or Call 13607 or email us at [email protected]


How can a guest become a member of Orbit?


Joining the Orbit frequent flyer program is completely free! Passengers can sign up anytime by filling out a simple form. Forms can be found online at airastra.com and various locations, including sales counters, check-in counters, onboard Air Astra flights.


What are the 'Orbit' Membership Benefits?


The Orbit FFP offers a range of benefits designed to enhance your travel experience whenever (every time) you fly with Air Astra. The more you fly, the higher your tier and the more benefits you can enjoy.

Membership Benefit Chart

How many categories of Orbit membership program?


Orbit offers Four Categories of membership program: Orbit ECO Basic, Orbit ECO, Orbit EVO, Orbit PRO


How does a member can keep membership status to Eco, Evo & Pro?


Member need to retain the same status by earning the required flights in a continuing calendar year.


How many miles required to upgrade membership categories?


Tier to Reach


How long Orbit miles valid for?


Orbit miles are valid for 3 (three) years.


How to Request for Missing Mileage Claim?


Forgot to include your Orbit Frequent Flyer number during booking? No worries! You can still claim your miles within 30 days of your flight. Just head to your nearest Air Astra sales office, call 13607, or email [email protected]. Be sure to have your booking reference number, flight details, boarding pass, transaction documents, receipts, and any other requested documents handy to verify your travel